Open fire of Tandyr.
Open doors of History.


“Tandyr” restaurant has based its menu on the traditional dishes prepared in the authentic oriental mud-stove Tandyr, as well as on the open fire. “Tandyr” offers you unique XVIII century recipes and the classic Central Asian cuisine.


Restaurant-museum “Tandyr” allows You to experience traditional rituals of the Kazakh people arranged in a completely authentic manner, historically presented and carried out just as they were some 150-200 years ago in an actual Kazakh Auyl (village).


“Tandyr” is not just a restaurant, but also a museum, which has recreated the atmosphere of a Caravanserai, a place where travellers of the Silk Way were welcome to rest and recover from a day’s journey. Collection of antique household and interior items of the XVIII-XIX centuries represents various customs and traditions of the Kazakh people and will help You submerge in this unique atmosphere.