Where could one have a truly impressive birthday or anniversary celebration? Almaty offers plenty of restaurants with various cuisine and musical background for any preference and in any tradition.

However, a host always wishes to give their guests an exceptional time, something unique and unforgettable, to leave bright memories and a positive emotional experience. To find a classical Kazakh restaurant in Almaty, which would be surrounded by orchards and picturesque Ile Alatau Mountains and recreate all the details and peculiarities of a real caravanserai – that is a challenge! As well as having a birthday celebration that would leave your friends and family with plenty of lovely memories to share for a long time afterwards!

“Tandyr” is not just a unique cuisine restaurant with preference to open-fire cooking. “Tandyr” is a restaurant-museum and apart from its caravanserai furnishing, with original houseware items, it recreates the whole atmosphere of the feasts held naturally by our ancestors centuries ago. Here a jubilee can be celebrated in accordance with one’s age and status, greeting the birthday boy with all the honour that family members of khan dynasties were greeted with. Or a blasting youngster birthday party could be made special by the surrounding attributes of ancient Kazakh authenticity. Intense and distinct oriental cuisine, based on many traditional nomad dishes that were long forgotten, together with the authentic Kazakh auyl atmosphere, carefully selected and presented in “Tandyr”, will turn Your celebration into a vivid and remarkable event in the memory of your close ones.