Where in Almaty could one organise a fun and impressive karaoke-party? Which restaurant to choose in order to have a corporate party your colleagues and guests will remember for years?

Kazakh cuisine restaurant “Tandyr” offers you wide possibilities for organising such events. A splendid banquet hall in Almaty, with a view over green meadows and snowy mountain tops is not all we have to offer. Our unique cuisine is based on open-fire cooking according to the old traditions of oriental cities. Our tandyr stove, made by the rules of ancient masters, allows to prepare delicious meals of original authentic recipes. Many of these dishes you will not find anywhere else. Together with the popular courses of European and oriental cuisine, that are served in Almaty restaurants, only “Tandyr” lets you try mud-stove roasted saddle of a lamb, trout, salmon, leg of a mutton and other rare treats, prepared in the oriental tandyr. Moreover, you’ll get to try them in exact same manner as the famous Kazakh khans (rulers) and batyrs (warriors) were served on their dastarkhan.

Distinct cuisine isn’t the only reason to select “Tandyr” for your corporate party. Historically furnished caravanserai, as they were in the ancient steppe and gave shelter and food to the travellers 100-200 years ago is another unique feature of “Tandyr”, distinguishing it from other national cuisine restaurants. It is a restaurant-museum where numerous antique items were gathered together, selected from all over the Central Asia. Submersion into a different time-period will most definitely impress the guests of your corporate party or banquet. The aura of history allows

the in-depth experience of the moment’s solemn importance, which would help your friends and colleagues to express what really needs to be said.

That is why “Tandyr” will be the suitable place in Almaty to enjoy a banquet or a corporate party. All you need to make your celebration unique and unforgettable awaits here.