Kazakh restaurant-museum “Tandyr” is a perfect place to have a “toi” (feast), family celebration according to the traditional customs and rituals. For instance, Tussau Kessu toi (symbolic ties are being cut for a toddler to start walking), wedding celebrations (Betashar – unveiling the bride’s face and other rituals), Sundet-toi (a boy’s circumcision celebration) and many more celebrations, which would leave an unforgettable impression and bright memories to Your guests.

Why choose “Tandyr” for traditional celebrations? The answer is simple: national restaurant-museum styled as an authentic caravanserai, will offer you a full experience of the original Kazakh ritual celebration. The interior itself adds to this atmosphere. The furnishing of our caravanserai

contains multiple authentic items of ancient Kazakh household: clothes, horse harness, dishware, jewellery, yourta decorations, carpets, etc.

The unique “Tandyr” cuisine is of course the main point, which lets the guests of your ritual celebration to try delicious dishes – same as were served on a traditional dastarkhan on the same occasions in a Kazakh auyl (village) 100-200 years ago. Leg of a mutton baked in tandyr stove or saddle of a lamb, trout, or chicken cooked in tandyr – our ancestors savoured similar foods, gathering to celebrate a certain ritual in someone’s yourta.

Restaurant-museum “Tandyr” is one of the places, which transmits the true sense of Kazakh antiquity, where traditional ceremonies can be held in exact same way as they were by our ancestors. It is the best place for a traditional toi, the way it is meant to be, which makes “Tandyr” the right choice for Your family’s ceremonial event celebration.

Here you could find out more about the traditional Kazakh customs and rituals.

We invite you to enjoy the following rituals in “Tandyr” restaurant:

TUSSAU KESSU – cutting of symbolic ties over toddler’s feet.

QULAQ TESSU (ear piercing) – traditional piercing and putting on first ear-rings to a young girl.

QALYNDYQ UZATU – farewell to the bride.

SHILDEKHANA, QALZHA – customary child birth celebration.

TOIBASTAR – traditional wedding chants held at the groom’s home.

SUYINSHI – custom to make a present in exchange for joyful news.

ULYSTYN ULY KYUNY – NAURYZ – the celebration of Nowruz.

QUDALYQ (courtship) – one of the main rituals before the wedding.

SYUNDET – circumcision ritual.

MYUSHEL QAIYRU – symbolic end of one’s 12-year cycle, based on Kazakh traditional chronology.

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