ресторан ТандырSelect Tandyr to pause your quest
Become our history’s good guest.
Please do enjoy Kazakh delights
The great sons of the Steppe have liked
And savoured, centuries before.
Abai himself has been embraced
By caravanserai to rest.
Its soothing sounds of Dombyra
Kurmangazy had cherished once,
They’ve taught him our peoples’ song.
An open heart still hears it all!

Welcome to the restaurant-museum “Tandyr”!

Kazakh traditional cuisine restaurant “Gakku” is well known to many guests and residents of Almaty. For eight years already our customers have been treated with authentic Kazakh dishes in a cosy interior decorated with numerous pieces of art from different parts of our country.

Today we invite You to try the new restaurant-museum “Tandyr”.

The restaurant of Kazakh cuisine “Tandyr” is a caravanserai, consisting of many different pieces that were carefully selected from all over Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Our intention was to recreate the furnishing of the XVIII-XIX centuries. The guests will be surrounded by various antique objects: carpets and hammered ironwork, copper and silver, saddles and tools, arts and crafts. You will feel the atmosphere and comfort of a Kazakh yourta (traditional nomad home) and appreciate local hospitality.

Restaurant “Tandyr” has settled in the Alma-Arasan valley, at the foot of the magnificent Trans-Ily Alatau range. A mountain-view terrace, snow-white tents among the fruit-trees, couches covered with soft cushions, and a few yourtas will offer you a sweet getaway from the noisy city, and a chance to savour delicious food in the refreshing mountain air. Any event celebration can be enjoyed in the banquet hall, with the most modern karaoke equipment. The cosy, high-back sofas wouldn’t let you feel the presence of other people in our main hall. You will also find assorted flavours of SHISHA , which has become an indispensable part of night-outs today. All sitting areas offer big flat-screens  with satellite TV, so the sports-fans can enjoy popular events live, such as EURO 2016 and the Rio De Janeiro Summer Olympics, all in HD. Our little guests will find themselves taking advantage of a specially created playground, sliding and swinging, playing board-games and exploring fun toys, leaving you time for a peaceful meal and interaction.

samsa“Tandyr” is a restaurant of Kazakh cuisine which emphasizes on the open-fire prepared dishes. Apart from the traditional samosa and flat-bread a vast variety of meat, fish and poultry dishes may be created in this wonderful stove. The smoke flavoured with special types of local plants (saxaul & juniper) gives a unique taste to the tandyr-prepared food, for any gourmet to enjoy. The best traditions of Kazakh people are preserved with care in our restaurant. “Tandyr” is the perfect place to enjoy family events, celebrate an anniversary or a wedding, to hold a customary ritual like QALYNDYQ UZATU, SYUNDET TOY and other occasions according to the Kazakh traditions.

Welcome to “Tandyr”!